Surfing with right whales


One man, one board, two southern right whales. Just another great surfing day in Western Australia.


YouTube: Jaimen Hudson

Amazing drone video from Jaimen Hudson, shot in Esperance in south western Australia. You can meet the massive southern right whales everywhere on the Australian south coast between Perth and Melbourne, best between June and November.

On the eastern coast you may see them up to Eden, but the most likely place for an encounter is still the area between Melbourne and Warrnambool, where the right whales are continuously and leisurely traveling between Victoria and Tasmania.

One of the most important habitats for southern right whales is the Great Australian Bight Marine Park, where large groups of right whales mate and give birth between June and September. There’s some good opportunities for land based whale watching, too.

Southern right whales are the cousins of the northern right and also the bowhead whales living around the North American east coast or rather high north in the arctic regions of Greenland and Arctic Canada.

As there’s only very few northern right whales left and the bowheads are not really accessible, southern right whales are your best bet to meet these massive but playful giants on a whale watching trip.

And it’s really fun: right whales are very active, they love to breach – and you might hear the splash from about one kilometer away. Sometimes right whales also decide to sail – the lift their huge fluke in the air and literally use them as a sail.

Last but not least, right whales are pretty curious: they often come pretty close to check out the boat. Or some stand up paddlers.





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