Orcas are the top predators of the world’s oceans. Especially in Norway and Canada, chances are high to come across them.

Blue whales are the biggest animals in the world – and extremely rare. You have good chances of spotting them in Iceland, Quebec, Mexico and Australia.

Humpback whales are gifted singers and tricky hunters: Singing takes place in the South Seas, hunting is done in the cold fjords.

Sperm whales dive deeper than any submarines. They can be spotted close to the coast in Norway, New Zealand and on the Azores.

Finbacks are the second biggest whales in the world. The best places to meet them are Quebec and New England.

Every year, gray whales migrate back and forth between Mexico and Alaska. At some places you can even see them from the mainland.

Right whales are the bulkiest whales, but very agile nonetheless. Watch them jump in Australia, South Africa and Argentina.

Belugas are very popular because of their facial expressions. You can often meet them in great numbers in Quebec, Manitoba and Nunavut.

Narwhals are the mystical unicorns of the sea. If you want to meet them, you have to go to where ice of the Arctic meets the ocean.

Minke whales are curious, playful and widespread. They can be found everywhere, in Australia even while snorkeling.