Video: Greenland - A short video with some impressions of our summer whale trip to Greenland.


A short video with some impressions of our summer whale trip to Greenland. Endless ice, giant icebergs and whales in the midnight sun.


Slideshow video: a summer whale trip to Greenland

Greenland is such a beautiful and special place for a summer holiday. You wouldn’t expect that. At least we hadn’t expected that. ‘Greenland’ and ‘summer vacation’ was a combination I had never thought about. Until a few years ago some Norwegian travelers showed us their incredibly stunning pictures from their summer trip to Greenland.

And I was just WOW! Since those pictures, I was really hoping to visit Greenland some day.

Seeing those giant icebergs. The endless ice shield. And, of course, the whales. Whale watching in Greenland is fantastic! During summer, you have great chances to meet humpback whales, minke whales and fin whales here. Occasionally you’ll also encounter some sperm, blue or killer whales.

If you decide to go really far north you also have good chances to meet the Arctic whales like bowheads, belugas and narwhals – also called the ‘unicorns of the sea’.

Although there’s no roads in Greenland, especially the western part with Nuuk, Sisimiut, Kangerlussuaq or Ilulissat is very easy to access. We spent two weeks in Greenland, traveling from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat and Qeqertarsuaq. And we’ve been absolutely stunned. Both, by the scenery and the whales.

Just check the video above or check out the full story below:




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